Our Partners

We Partner the Exceptional

The statement ‘Partnering the Exceptional’ explains both our approach to you the client, as well as the select set of wealth and asset management boutiques within the StoneHouse Capital fold.

Our Partners build long-term relationships with clients while providing expert financial advice to enable individuals and businesses to achieve their financial objectives. Our Partners offer advice specific to client circumstances and needs. Thus while our Partners are all exceptional financial advisors they also have access to experts in highly technical areas such as tax planning or offshore investments should circumstances require this level of specialised attention. In these cases, your Partner will consult and if necessary introduce, a colleague who can provide the advice and service you need.

StoneHouse Capital emphasises long-term relationships and clients have grown to appreciate and value the personal attention they receive from their chosen StoneHouse Capital Partner as their financial needs evolve over the years. 

Many clients have had a working relationship with their StoneHouse Capital Partner throughout most of their working lives and many new clients are the result of by word of mouth recommendations from existing clients.

StoneHouse Capital Partnerships

StoneHouse Capital Partners are an exclusive group of experienced, respected professionals working in financial services in South Africa. The Partners share a common purpose, vision and values. From their network of offices across South Africa, StoneHouse Capital Partners are required to meet the high standards you expect. As a result, only a small proportion of advisors working in South Africa today have met our selection criteria.

Personal Wealth Management includes the requirement for a wide range of professional services. StoneHouse Capital understands the importance of ensuring our clients receive the expert advice they need. The StoneHouse Capital Partners regularly work alongside their clients’ existing professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants, providing a complementary service and different perspective.

We offer our Partners

  • Practical and cost-effective ways to help grow a competitive practice
  • A partnership that respects the financial planner as an independent entrepreneur

We are able to offer three types of support

  1. Investment support
  2. Financial advisory support
  3. Business support
    • Outcome-based marketing, business and succession planning support
    • Plan the future of your business
    • Business and compliance advice and support

We appreciate that each Partner’s business is unique and will have different pressure points as it grows and evolves:

We equip the Partners with services, tools and the resources they need to manage the complexities of running their practice efficiently. This allows them to concentrate on the needs and goals of their clients rather than on administration and compliance. We enhance their profitability by creating efficiencies within their practices, thus improving their clients’ experience.

Bay Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2003 by Adrian Meistre as a financial services business in the Nelson Mandela Bay region of the Eastern Cape.
Finmap Financial Services (Pty) Ltd was founded by Brent Keevy in Port Elizabeth in 1997.
Noble Private Portfolios (Noble) is an independent wealth manager offering investors professionally managed portfolios that are actively allocated across a range of asset classes, multi managed by the most successful investment companies.